Tuesday, May 09, 2023

Aging Cell Perspective article (forthcoming)

I was thrilled to learn that Aging Cell has accepted my latest Perspective piece for publication, entitled "Geroscience and Climate Science:  Oppositional or Complementary?".  The image above captures the predicament I address.  Below is the abstract:

Two of this century’s most significant public health challenges are climate change and healthy aging.  The future of humanity will be both warmer and older than it is today.  Is it socially responsible, in a warming planet of a population exceeding 8 billion people, for science to aspire to develop gerotherapeutic drugs that aim to reduce the burden of aging-related diseases that may also increase lifespan?  This question is the “elephant in the room” for geroscience advocacy.  Science communication concerning what constitutes empirically valid and morally defensible ways of navigating the dual public health predicaments of climate change and healthy aging must be sensitive to both the interdependence of the environment (including planetary health) and the mechanisms of aging, as well as the common (mis)perceptions about the potential conflict between the goals of climate science and geroscience.  Geroscience advocacy can transcend narratives of intergenerational conflict by highlighting the shared aspirations of climate science and geroscience, such as the goals of promoting health across the lifespan, redressing health disparities, and improving the economic prospects of current and future generations.