Saturday, April 29, 2023

New Research Page

Over on my personal website ( I have created a new page that contains all my publications on aging and longevity science, along with a few reflections on my interest in the topic.  You can access it here:

A sample:

...Admittedly I am something of an intellectual oddball within my specialized field of political theory as the number of scholars working on these topics approximates the number of toes on a sloth! My interest in these topics is fuelled by my intellectual curiosity to learn about topics that are largely neglected by scholars in the humanities and social sciences.  By studying these issues I have learned about evolutionary biology, demography, the history of public health, and science policy, advocacy and communication... 

I am a political philosopher/theorist with a science-nerd (vs science fiction) orientation to my philosophizing. I also care passionately about the quality of life people experience in late life. My interest in these topics is just a natural extension of the humanistic impulse to want humanity to experience a future with less (not more) disease, frailty and suffering.