Sunday, March 12, 2023

Research Summary Video (in 100 seconds!)

With the exception of the TedX talk I gave in 2019, I have consciously tried to strictly limit having things recorded that end up YouTube.  

In the last 2 years or so my attitude about this has relaxed.  This change of mind has been driven by two developments:  

(1) I have learned to become more comfortable with being recorded.  After making (including extensive editing, so lots of watching and listening to me blathering on!) some 70+ online lecture videos for my students during the pandemic, plus zoom meetings and presentations becoming more common, I don't find the idea of having a presentation recorded and available for public viewing as unnerving as I would have say 10 years ago; and 

(2) it is only at this stage of my career, after having published many books and journal articles and lecturing to thousands of students in different countries over nearly a quarter of a century, that I feel my opinions and insights on some topics are worthy of being captured on a recording.  I am a strong proponent of the view that scholars should actually undertake extensive scholarship on their topics before posting things on YouTube videos, which may be premature or feign some quasi-"expertise"  that just gets likes on YouTube but does not advance knowledge or display the intellectual virtues.  I think it is really important that a person develop some genuine competence and expertise on the topics they purport to have expertise on (at least when it pertains to higher education).  

My department recorded some faculty research profiles, so here is mine.  In 100 seconds I attempt to summarize my interest in the ethical and societal implications of the genetic revolution.