Friday, September 02, 2022

Current Writing Projects

My classes start up next week and I am really looking forward to the beginning of term, especially the return to in-person classes for my large political theory course.  It has been 30 months since my last large in-person lecture!  

I thought I would write a brief blog looking back at the research I have done over the past summer, probably one of my most productive summers for research, though I wish I had a few weeks off now!  But I do have a sabbatical in the winter term to look forward to (more on that latter).  

I have 3 different papers on aging and geroscience in the works.  One, currently at the second stage of a R&R, is on this interesting book.  A second paper explores the significance of geroscience for women's health (currently under review for a journal).  And the third paper, still being polished before journal submission, is on the "folkbiology" of early 20th century public health pioneers.

In addition to those 3 new papers, I am also making progress on my textbook on the history of political philosophy.  I have half a chapter left to write on Black Political Thought, a chapter on Aristotle and Stoicism, and then a chapter on Conservatism and the conclusion.  This is the main project for coming year for me, and something I hope to complete during my sabbatical in the winter term.

Academic writing is both a source of meaning, fulfillment and achievement, but also stress, anxiety and exhaustion!  One always feels there are more topics to read about and address than is humanly possible to undertake. When deep into a project I tell myself that, when said project is completed, I will take a break before starting something new.  But inevitably I get immersed and intoxicated by the ideas for the next, new project, before even completing said project.