Thursday, February 10, 2022

Canada's (Declining Performance) on the Democracy Index

The pandemic continues to erode democratic governance throughout the world. The 2021 Democracy Index reports that last year democracy experienced its biggest annual global decline since 2010. And sadly Canada received it's lowest index score since the report started in the year 2006. This is the report on the state of Canadian government:
"Is Canada becoming more like America?
The sharp decline in the North America average score in 2021 was driven mainly by a deterioration in Canada, whose score fell by 0.37 points to 8.87. New survey data show a worrying trend of disaffection among Canada’s citizens with traditional democratic institutions and increased levels of support for non-democratic alternatives, such as rule by experts or the military. Canada’s citizens feel that they have little control over their lives, a sentiment that has been compounded by pandemic-related restrictions on individual freedoms. Canada’s worsening score raises questions about whether it might begin to suffer from some of the same afflictions as its US neighbour, such as extremely low levels of public trust in political parties and government institutions."