Sunday, January 21, 2018

Chipping Away at the Bibliography for Genetic Ethics...

I am in the final completion stage of Genetic Ethics, which should be off to the production team later this week. The last looming task is compiling the bibliography. It has proven to be a very laborious task to try to complete during a busy teaching term with 3 courses.

My rough count of the sources listed in the bibliography is approximately 230 articles and books that I have utilized. Reading over the list of sources I have relied upon it made me appreciate how much work I have undertaken on this topic over the past 18 years. And while compiling a bibliography is not a particularly rewarding task, it has provided me with deep gratitude and a sense of accomplishment.

Paradoxically many academics do not place much importance on writing a textbook designed for the students they teach, and even less value on something that is interdisciplinary. Looking over the diverse sources I have engaged in while writing this book has reminded how enriching the experience has been. In addition to engaging with the standard philosophical literature on bioethics and genetics, I draw upon the feminist literature on reproductive freedom and patriarchy, insights from epidemoliogy and evolutionary biology on the causation of disease, demography and population aging, and findings on epigenetics. I have also learned new things about the role of genes in intelligence, behaviour (such as addiction, investment in parental care, empathy, etc.), happiness and memory. And of course I had to stay abreast of, and think of some new ideas for, addressing findings about the biology of aging and extending the human lifespan.

I am very proud of the final, finished product. I just need to get this formatting of the bibliography finished so I can enjoy some much needed R&R!