Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Framing One's Worldview

I posted this on my FB and any academics currently not FB friends that wish to send along their answers can email me. thanks

Non-scientific poll for philosophers and theorists who teach on topics like global justice, equality, democracy, freedom, etc.

Question #1.

When you reflect upon the way you frame with subject matter you teach, is there an apparent "Negative Worldview" (humanity is heading towards the dumps) or "Positive Worldview" (humanity's prospects are improving and will likely continue to do so) perspective that you have?

Question #2.

If you answered "yes" to number 1, please briefly expand upon the factual accuracy of that perspective. What I'm specifically interested to hear about are (a) the timeframe of comparison you typically invoke (e.g. How things were compared to 20 years ago, or 200 years ago, or 20 000 years ago or compared to some counterfactual or hypothetical state-of-affairs, etc.) and (b) the variables or measure you use to draw such conclusions (e.g, is it life expectancy, level of socio-economic inequality, number and health of democratic countries in the world, etc.).