Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Webpage Updates

Over one my other, and newly updated, website colinfarrelly.com I have added a bunch of new features, such as a page with my publications, a page with info on my teaching, a research statement page and a multimedia page that contains a number of videos I have posted on this blog over the past 4 years. The appeal of this new webpage is that the videos are in HD, so the quality is much crisper than the versions posted on here.

For fun, I ran the 5 videos (on aging, play, and patriarchy) on the multimedia page simultaneously and found that the clash of different sounds (music and my blathering) effectively captured the headache that is my intellectual life!

Those interested in this blog might also find the new updated webpage of interest. The other site is really just "window dressing" for finished items. This blog remains the central location for the real serious (and fun!) business (i.e. working out new ideas and insights).