Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Syracuse Workshop on Virtue, Citizenship and Law

I am writing this post from Syracuse, NY where the Fourth Annual SUCOL Interdisciplinary Workshop on "Virtue, Citizenship, and the Law: Interdisciplinary Perspectives" at Syracuse University College of Law was held today. It was an excellent event, bringing scholars together from law, education, psychology, politics and philosophy to discuss issues and topics related to virtue.

The participants and papers (in order of presentations) were: myself on punishment, adaptation and prison (see the blog posts here, and here for a sense of the issues I address) followed by a commentary from Michael (many thanks Mike for your excellent suggestions and criticisms!); Linda with a paper on the government and civic virtues with a commentary from Emily; Jeremy then presented a paper on judicial wisdom with a commentary from Jeanine. We then had an excellent lunch here.

After lunch Darcia presented on attachment theory and moral development with a commentary from Elizabeth; then Sigal presented a paper on education and civic education, and we finished with Chapin's paper on private law and virtue ethics with a commentary from Tara. We all then had dinner at this very fine restaurant (highly recommended!) just outside of Syracuse.

I wish to thank Jeremy for his great hospitality and for inviting me to participate. I really enjoyed the interdisciplinary workshop. And participating in this event compelled me to develop my ideas about punishment. And Mike raised a number of useful points in his commentary which will give me plenty to think about as I develop that paper further.