Thursday, May 24, 2012

CNN Story on Bastøy Island

CNN reports on Bastøy Island today, giving a glimpse of what punishment beyond retributivism might look like.

Here's a sample of the negative comments made on the CNN website in response to the story:

"if you kill someone in cold blood you should be locked in a 6x6 cell with nothing but a bed and toilet and thats where you stay till your debt to society is paid"

"The "Christians" in our society would never tolerate this kind of attitude towards sinners.
They would kill them."

"Treat our murders, rapists, and molesters better than honest, hard working, law abiding citizens, makes perfect sense."

"They should give this a trial run in the US. You could turn it into a reality TV show, and we could all watch it as it failed miserably."

And some comments that look beyond the confines of retributivism:

"Regardless of how this makes you feel this is Norway and not America. Look at the crime statistics compared to america.. If this works there then great and that's a good thing. But there's no point in getting upset over something that positively affects another country and doesn't here."

"kids, dogs, adults .. you can't beat them into being nice. Norway's approach makes sense. Our penal system sure doesn't work."