Thursday, March 15, 2012

EMBO Reports Paper- Now Published

My paper "'Positive biology' as a new paradigm for the medical sciences" is now published in the March issue of EMBO Reports. The paper is currently listed as #7 in the top 10 "Science and Society" downloads for the journal. So let's hope the message of positive biology is getting out there.

Here is the abstract of the paper:

Most basic and applied research in the medical sciences today is premised upon the presumption that well-ordered science requires us to prioritize what one can call “negative biology”. Negative biology is the intellectual framework that presumes the most important question to answer is- what causes pathology? Positive biology, by contrast, focuses on a different set of questions and priorities. Rather than making disease the central focus of our intellectual efforts and financial investments, positive biology seeks instead to understand exemplar examples of health and happiness. Understanding why some (rare) individuals can live a century of disease-free life, or why some individuals enjoy more well-being (e.g. positive subjective experience, optimism, perseverance, high talent) or possess greater memory or resilience than the average person could lead to new knowledge that permits us to significantly expand the opportunities today’s populations have for health and happiness.