Tuesday, February 09, 2010

New Aging Documentary

On Thursday a new documentary entitled "To Age or Not to Age" will premiere.

Viewing the trailer, and reading some info about the film suggests this might have the real potential to awaken humanity from its dire neglect of the fact that aging is the leading cause of death and disease in the world today and that the science has reached a tipping point where we can envision a future where late-life morbidity and mortality can be dramatically reduced.

As I have noted many times before on this blog, I believe that global aging is the real challenge of our times. Hopefully this documentary will help capture the imagination of the general public and help convince them that aging research is one of the most important areas of scientific research.

Here is a sample from the documentary:

The point Guarente makes at the beginning of the video, that when someone hears an intervention is "anti-aging" they automatically think about the fact that people will live longer rather than the fact that disease has been delayed, is the focus of my forthcoming paper in Biogerontology.

Be sure to checkout the panel discussion that will be streamed live on Thursday evening. Details here.