Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Is Retirement Actually Bad for Your Health?

...this interesting study in the latest issue of Journal of Occupational Health Psychology suggests that it might be, at least when compared to the retiree health outcomes of those who take on "bridge employment". Here is the abstract:

The present study examined the relationship between bridge employment and retirees’ health outcomes (i.e., major diseases, functional limitations, and mental health). We used a nationally representative sample of 12,189 retirees from the first 4 waves of the Health and Retirement Study. Hierarchical regression analyses showed that compared with full retirement, engaging in bridge employment either in a career field or in a different field was associated with fewer major diseases and functional limitations, whereas engaging in career bridge employment was associated with better mental health. The findings highlight the health benefits of engaging in bridge employment for retirees. The practical implications of this study are discussed at both the individual and policy levels. Limitations of the current findings are also noted in conjunction with future research directions.