Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Inept Science Minister?

story is an embarrassment to Canadians and a sad reflection of the current health of our democracy.

It may not be surprising that Goodyear is unable to comprehend the evidence in favour of evolution given that his professional "expertise" before entering politics is one that also flouts the scientific evidence (see this and this).

This is a real shame given the great potential science has to improve the health and economic prosperity of Canadians. When those given the responsibility of overseeing and supporting science have little understanding and appreciation of it themselves we undermine the health of our democracy.

John Dewey said it best when he claimed that "science makes possible the systematic pursuit of new ends; it is the agency of progress in action". Given the dire situation of science in the current political climate I fear we may be forfeiting many valuable "new ends", thus resulting in a stagnate and less fertile culture.

Maybe one day I will wake up and it really will be the 21st century. I guess one can dream.....