Friday, February 20, 2009

Kant, Public Sense, and a Video

In my previous post I noted that I would make an effort, in the spirit of Kant's account of the "public use" of reason, to reach a larger audience than that typical in a standard academic paper. So that is the intention of this post today.

Because academic journals require subscriptions in order to download and read the findings of academic research, most people not associated with a university do not have access to the findings being made in different disciplines. And thus the constraints of academia actually impose some limitations on the requirement of "publicity" which is essential to Kant's account of the public use of reason. Enlightenment cannot be achieved if new moral insights and empirical discoveries can only reach a limited number of people. And so the project that I "unveil" today is meant in the spirit of Kant's call for us to use "public reason".

It is also in the spirit of the 3 maxims of what Kant calls "public sense". These maxims are:

1. “Think for yourself”: the motto of the enlightenment
2. “To think from the standpoint of everyone else”
3. “always think consistently”

So please feel free to watch, debate and distribute "3 Wishes" as you see fit:

Click this: "3 WISHES"