Saturday, July 05, 2008

Main Menu (July 2008)

Things have been a bit slow here the last week or two as I had to pack up my office at UW and am in the process of relocating the family up to Kingston. But I expect to post a few thoughts on the various projects I am currently working on. These include a few new papers on the imperative to tackle aging, teasing out the social and political implications of my perfectionist ethics (see post #1 below) and a paper (that builds on this one) which examines how the "resource curse" impacts patriarchy (see here).

Recent posts on "In Search of Enlightenment" include:

(1) My Perfectionist Account of Ethics

(2) Rose on Evolutionary Biology and Aging

(3) Causes of Death

(4) Risk and Virtue

(5) Being Inspired by Hobbes

So little time, so many interesting and important things to ponder!