Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Small Victory for Children's Rights

Back in March I posted this, which noted the harms of smoking, especially on children who are subjected to the harms of second hand smoke (all for the sake of their parents satisfying the addictive effect on brain dopamine levels).

Why any parent would endanger the health of their children for their own addictive-induced pleasure is beyond my comprehension (see my previous post on love).

I'm pleased to see that the Ontario government has passed a law that bans smoking in a vehicle when a child is present. The Globe has the story here. Here is an excerpt:

Ontario became the latest Canadian province to ban smoking in a vehicle with a child present after a government-backed private member's bill passed in the legislature with the support of all three parties yesterday.

Smoking in Ontario workplaces and public areas, such as bars and restaurants, is already illegal in Ontario, but the new ban will provide an additional level of protection to children under the age of 16, said Health Promotion Minister Margarett Best.

"This is about protection of our most vulnerable citizens - children who do not have a voice," Ms. Best told the legislature.