Thursday, March 27, 2008

BMJ Paper on Tackling Aging

My Commentary Analysis entitled "Has the Time Come to Take on Time Itself?" has been accepted for publication in the British Medical Journal.

That paper should be out in print within the next two months or so. This article will be my second published contribution on the topic of retarding human aging (the first being this one). I have a few more forthcoming and in the works. For now, here is a brief abstract for this forthcoming BMJ paper:

In an era where media headlines are dominated by the war on terror and global warming, and much of the world’s population live in conditions of poverty and disease, one might feel it is insensitive and unfair to suggest that we should divert more scarce public funding into the goal of tackling aging. But such a knee-jerk reaction can be overcome once one considers the science, and the ethics, behind the proposal.