Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Virtue Jurisprudence Book

As noted by Larry Solum over on his excellent blog Legal Theory, our co-edited volume entitled Virtue Jurisprudence (Palgrave MacMillan) will be out in a few months. It was a real joy working on this volume with Larry, and all of the contributors to the volume were very accommodating and helpful, helping us keep to the various deadlines, word counts, etc. we needed to meet.

Editing a volume is not always such a pleasant and rewarding endeavor, but I suspect it helps to have contributors who work on a topic like virtue ethics. For they can appreciate the importance of virtues like generosity, industry and reliability!

The book brings together scholars from law, philosophy, and politics and illustrates the breadth of insights the virtue ethics tradition can offer contemporary legal theory. The essays in the volume address a diverse range of topics, including: judicial review, the rule of law, tort law, punishment and the ethics of lawyering.

Here is the table of contents for the volume:

An Introduction to Aretaic Theories of Law
Colin Farrelly & Lawrence B.Solum

The Central Tradition
Robert George

Prudence, Benevolence, and Negligence: Virtue Ethics and Tort Law
Heidi Li Feldman

Judges of Character
Suzanna Sherry

Civic Liberalism and the 'Dialogical Model' of Judicial Review
Colin Farrelly

A Virtue-Centred Account of Equity and the Rule of Law
Lawrence B.Solum

Natural Justice: An Aretaic Account of Virtue of Lawfulness
Lawrence B.Solum

Virtue, Vice, and Criminal Liability
Antony Duff

On Aristotelian Criminal Law: A Reply to Duff
Kyron Huigens

Two Ways of Doing the Right Thing
Rosalind Hursthouse

We hope the volume will appeal to scholars and students in diverse disciplines.