Sunday, May 07, 2006


Recent posts on "In Search of Enlightenment" include the following:

Marx and Human History Some reflections on Karl Marx's theory of historical materialism.

Genetics and Justice (Where to Begin?) Examines the challenges we face when trying to incorporate our genetic endowments into the "currency" of distributive justice.

The Genetic Revolution: A snapshot A snapshot of the genetic revolution, as told through Google Alerts on "Genetic Therapy"

Voluntarism and Tax Breaks Newsday article on tax breaks for volunteer firefighters.

What is Political Theory? A brief answer to the question.

Libertarianism and Rectification Would libertarian justice really legitimize a "minimal state"?

Our Enhanced Future Reflecting on our attitudes towards existing enhancing interventions is helpful when considering how we might regulate radical enhancing technologies.

Responsible Risk Management How do we prioritize the efforts to guard against the different kinds of risk which humans are susceptible to?