Sunday, April 23, 2006

FORUM 2006 (webcast)

As a brief follow-up to my previous post on “Our Enhanced Future”, I encourage readers to visit the James Martin Institute’s (Oxford University) webcast for FORUM 2006: Tomorrow’s People- the Challenges of Technologies for Life Extension and Enhancement. The Forum is an example of what the future holds for academic conferences as the viewer can experience the conference as if they were actually there! There is also a discussion board on the various topics. This webcast will be of interest to my students who took my “Genetics and Justice” seminar this year as we examined a number of these issues (e.g. extending the health span, cognitive enhancements, etc.). Of particular note are the presentations by the Oxford philosophers Nick Bostrom and Julian Savulescu. Bostrom and Savulescu are both first-rate philosophers who are on the cutting edge of these new and exciting debates. So I highly recommend checking out this webcast!